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We make our videos with the goal of educating consumers to the best of our ability. We film and edit them internally. One or our videos, The Truth About R Value in Insulated Pipe has over 36,000 views (July 2016). We hope you find these videos informative and encourage you to contact us for more details. Jeff's only regret is that he could not find better talent as the presenter. :)


Here is a brief description of each title:


PerformaFlex XT, The Ultimate Insulated PEX for Outdoor Wood Boilers.

This video demonstrates how PerformaFlex XT competes against the urethane based pipes from Central Boiler, Uponor, Rehau, and others. With superior performance and FLEXABILITY, PerformaFlex XT is the best insulated pex pipe in the industry.


Just The Facts, Short.

Reveals the differences between Z Supply products and our competitor’s (mainly Badger Insulated Pipe) and specifically why Badger does not have a radiant barrier on their product.


The Truth About Temp Loss.

Bust the competitions claims of superior performance with their insulated PEX with head to head to head, third party testing.


The Truth About Insulated Pipe.

Our first video in the “Truth” series has over 36,000 views. Back in 2012 other companies were making impossible R value claims of up to R 33 for their insulated pipe. This video shows how that just cannot be possible. Following this video, those claims disappeared.


Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers.

Discusses our made in the USA water to water heat exchangers.


Quality Control at Z Supply.

Explains the quality control process that we use in the manufacturer of our insulated PEX pipe.

How We Keep Hot Water Hot. Explains our PerformaFlex Insulated Pipe from the inside out.



An explanation of the Z Supply guiding principles of DO JUSTICE, LOVE KINDNESS, AND WALK HUMBLY based on Micah 6:8. Everything we do here is checked against these principals.


The Difference in Water to Air Heat Exchangers.

Demonstrates the quality of our Water to Air Heat Exchangers.


Honeywell Aqua Pump.

Simply a overview of Honeywell Aqua Pumps as used for outdoor wood boilers.


EZe Heat Unit Heater.

Shows the usability and air flow of our eZe Heat Unit Heaters for outdoor wood furnace or other hydronic heating use.





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