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The Best Insulated PEX Pipe in the Outdoor Wood Boiler Industry

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By the end of this video you’ll know more about insulated PEX than most dealers and manufacturers.
You’ll also understand why Z Supply is the leading manufacturer of insulated PEX.


Ask about our
5 x 5 x 5 Warranty

In addition to our lifetime foot-for-foot replacement warranty, we will pay $5 per foot to a maximum of $500 for 5 years for failure due to manufacturers defect.

All Sales after Sep 1, 2017 are eligible for the Amazing Remediation Warranty.

Add Heat Trace to one PEX Pipe for $6 Per foot. Freeze protection for potable water. Contact Z Supply for details on this warranty.

The Pipe

PerformaFlex 4" Casing

Our first and still most popular product. PerformaFlex in a 4″ casing features R-Foam (additive-enhanced PE foam). R-Foam has a 140% thermal performance advantage over standard foam. With a tested TEMP LOSS of just .87° per 100′ this insulated underground PEX pipe will meets the needs of most customers.

PerformaFlex Ultra

PerformaFlex Ultra is our best performing insulated underground PEX pipe. With a tested temp loss at .47° this pipe is for anyone who lives in a colder area, has a higher BTU use, or just wants the added performance. As with all of our insulated PEX products we use WATTS brand MADE IN THE USA PEX.

PerformaFlex XT

XT is the urethane beater. We like to say it leaves the urethane purveyors singing the blues. Our PerformaFlex XT in the blue, dual wall, outer casing is the key. With superior PERFORMANCE, great DURABILITY, and FLEXIBILITY PerformaFlex XT is the premium insulated PEX for those who want the best.

Product Features

The white outer casing is all about Quality Control.

It’s hard to see a little black hole in a black pipe. But with our white outer casing it stands out like a sore thumb. The result is better quality control during manufacturing and confidence in a trouble free install on site.

Our products meet ASTM F405 and we have it manufactured specifically for our use to make your pipe.

We manufacture our PEX in the United States.

This is IMPORTANT! Please do not buy an insulated PEX with Chinese PEX. We’ve seen problems with quality in Chinese PEX, including failure to properly cross-link pipe. PEX for hydronic use does not require NSF certification. That means that often there is no inspection at the Chinese factory or of the raw materials.


R-Foam™ is our proprietary additive-enhanced, closed cell polyethylene foam.

R-Foam has about 140% better thermal performance than standard PE foam. (Which the competition uses.)

We firnly believe in innovation and using only the best materials available.

Our DUAL WALL XT casing is truly unique in the industry. We are so confidant in this product that we offer our AMAZING REMEDIATION WARRANTY that even covers time and trouble for manufacturers defect.

XT is designed to not just compete with urethane pipes like Dual Pex Flex but to surpass them. With superior PERFORMANCE plus FLEXIBILITY it does precisely that.

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